Sonos Product Development has over 40 years of experience in New Product Design & Development, Industrial Design, and New Product Management.

We are a leader in Product Industrial Design, Model Making, Prototyping, Engineering, Sculpting, and Manufacturing. Since 1982, we have produced thousands of New Product Designs and brought to life thousands of amazing ideas from everyday individuals and Industry Leaders from all around the globe. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, including Xerox, Generals Motors, Newport Medical, Mattel Toys, and Disney, to name a few.

Common Projects We Do

At Sonos Product Development, our goal is to make your new product design the best it can be and help you achieve success. Our range of services is designed support you throughout the entire process, from development to manufacturing and warehousing. We can also assist you with ecommerce website development, including SEO and marketing.

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Industrial Design Services

You’re just steps away from turning your new product design into a real product!
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Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re creating a household gadget, a new tool concept, a custom doll or action figure, Sonos Product Development can help make it happen. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner and resource for your new product design and development needs.

We are easily accessible and ready to assist you at any stage of development. Our expertise spans across industrial design, mechanical engineering, model making, and more. Don’t let your ideas remain just dreams. Let us help you bring your own product to life.

Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock Carl TenBrink with Torpedo Boy Prototype

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