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Phase 3 - Prototype Fabrication

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Sonos Product Development Is a Leader in Industrial Design
and New Product Design Services with Over 36 Years Experience.

We are your one stop shop for Product Development – From Concept to Production

With over 36 years of New Product Design & Development, Industrial Design and New Product Management experience, Sonos is a true leader in Product Industrial Design, New Product Design, Model Making, Prototypes, Engineering, Sculpting and Manufacturing. Since 1983 Sonos Product Development has produced thousands of New Product Designs and brought to life thousands of amazing ideas brought to us from everyday individuals like you and Industry Leaders from all around the globe. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, including Xerox, Generals Motors, Newport Medical, Mattel Toys and Disney to name a few.


You’re just steps away from turning your new product design into a real product!


Concept Development

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3D CAD Engineering
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Prototype Fabrication
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You Have a New Product Design. Great! Now What?

Sonos Product Development provides everything else you need to develop, prototype and manufacture your product. 

Our team of skilled new product design & manufacturing professionals has the knowledge and expertise to walk you through the whole process – all the way development, manufacturing, and warehousing. We can also help you with getting your own ecommerce website, including SEO and marketing too.

It is our goal to make your new product design the best it can be and help you be successful with it, so you can focus on your next invention. Our menu of services is designed to help and support you as far as we can, insuring you the best chance at success with your most treasured ideas and inventions. Whether your creating a household gadget, a new tool concept, a doll or toy, Sonos Product Development can help make it happen!

We are ready for your call and eager to get your industrial design started today!

Why Choose Sonos Product Development?

With our headquarter offices located in Huntington Beach, part of beautiful Southern California; Sonos New Product Design is a one stop shop for all your new product design and industrial design ideas. Our goal is to help you bring your new product design ideas to life and be your facilitation team guiding you on your journey, from the very first steps of the new product design, until you’re off to production and selling your new products designs on your new website! We understand what your ideas mean to you, just how important and personal they are, this is why part of our mission is to treat each and every industrial design project and idea as they are our own.

Our Goals Working Together…

First we start by clarifying the vision for your idea new product design concept. We want to know where you are in the process and where you need to go so we can chart the course and get you to the finish line. It is very important and mutually beneficial to best understand what you really want and how you envision the final product design and your ultimate goal. This way we can create a solid plan of attack, allowing us to create a healthy, happy and successful venture working together.

Sonos Product Development works with you to ensure that your new product is optimized in all respects

Sonos Product Development - a leader in new product development and industrial design

Sonos Product Development has provided industrial design and new product design services to a wide spectrum of clientele including; consumer products, toy, automotive, manufacturing, and medical device industries. We are the best partner-solution as an outside resource for your New Product Design & Product Development needs. Our full range of services include new product conceptual design, engineering, product prototypes, graphic design, e-commerce web design and short run or large production of your product. We utilize the latest 3D CAD solid modeling software, SLA, rapid prototype and CNC technology (Computer Numerically Controlled) to insure that your product development and prototype samples are developed with optimum accuracy and efficiency.

A Phased Approach to Industrial Design

Through years of experience, we have optimized the steps to bringing your ideas to life, and your product to market.

Phase 1 – Concept Development
In the Concept phase of product design, all options are considered, and the most viable plan is presented to you – the client.

Phase 2 – 3D CAD & Engineering
After refinements to the product design are finalized,  3D CAD drawings are made in preparation to building the first prototype.

Phase 3 – Prototypes & Model Making
In this phase, one or more prototypes of your product design are created. Prototypes are useful for evaluating the products ergonomics as well as form and function. This hands on prototype is crucial to evaluating a product for commercial success.

Phase 4 – Manufacting Liaison
After the prototype is tested and all the product features are perfected to meet your expectations, your new product design is ready for production. We can manage every aspect of production, including:

  • Acquiring multiple quotes and advising the best option
  • Overseeing complex details of the turn over package for the factory
  • Ramping up production – navigating the mountain of paper for import/export
  • Warehousing the goods and drop-shipping product directly to your customers

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