3D Truck Puzzle

Wood 3D Truck Puzzle Car Carrier Made in USA
Introducing the 3D Truck Puzzle!

This innovative and engaging toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment while challenging children’s problem-solving skills. With a variety of designs to choose from, there’s a 3D Truck Puzzle for every child’s interests.

Unique Design and Shape Sorter Recognition

Our client requested a 3D Truck Puzzle that would be more challenging to assemble than traditional 2D magnetic puzzles. We worked closely with them to develop a compelling design that incorporates shape sorter recognition, adding an extra layer of complexity and fun to the puzzle.

Engineering and Prototyping

Once the design was approved, we focused on engineering the fit and function of each puzzle piece. We then built a handmade prototype to test the functionality and playability of the toy. After extensive testing, we knew we had created a fun and engaging 3D Truck Puzzle.

A Variety of Designs for Boys and Girls

Trucks come in many shapes and sizes, and we wanted our 3D Truck Puzzle to reflect that diversity. We hand-illustrated and designed multiple options, including a flower truck, horse hauling truck, car hauler, fire truck, and ice cream truck. This wide selection ensures there’s a perfect puzzle for every child.

High-Quality Manufacturing and Packaging

Each 3D Truck Puzzle is carefully crafted from wood, with each piece cut, sanded, and sealed for durability. We use specially engineered painting fixtures to hold the puzzle pieces in place while printing with our magical 3D color print and food-safe inks. Once assembled, the puzzles are packaged in custom-designed boxes, ready to bring joy to children for generations to come.

Discover the excitement and challenge of our 3D Truck Puzzle, and watch as your child’s problem-solving skills and creativity soar!