A Revolutionary Tourniquet System

Tourniquet Prototype
Tourniquet System: Advanced, One-Handed, Low-Cost Tourniquet

We were approached by Bio Cybernetics with a challenging task: to create an advanced tourniquet system that would excel in surgical, EMS, and military environments. Not only did we meet their expectations, but we also went a step further by filing for a utility patent. Our mission was clear: develop a tourniquet that could be applied with one hand in under 60 seconds and cost less than $10.00.

Patent-Pending Excellence

Our team at Sonos Product Development has proudly crafted a patentable solution that achieves complete circumferential compression with unparalleled speed. In fact, our tourniquet can be securely applied in less than 10 seconds using just one hand!

Breaking the Boundaries

Our innovative tourniquet system redefines the limitations of existing products. It’s versatile enough to fit a wide range of sizes, accommodating everything from a 4” diameter forearm to a 36”+ circumference thigh. Rigorous testing conducted by both Army and Navy medical teams has consistently demonstrated 100% success with Doppler, BP, and OX sensors. Our tourniquet ensures complete application and occlusion in under 10 seconds.

Smart Design, Easy Application

What sets this tourniquet apart is our patented C-clip and belt design, making it exceptionally easy to apply to both arms and legs. The turnkey mechanism allows for precise and safe tightening, with two quick-release options for added safety. Despite its robust capabilities, the MAT (Multi-Application Tourniquet) weighs less than 4oz.

Tailored for Different Needs

To meet the demands of various scenarios, we’ve developed two sizes: the 2” wide Army ISR testing spec size and the compact 1” wide Field Combat version. Both are lightweight and compact, ensuring portability and versatility in any situation.

Surgical Precision

In surgical settings, our tourniquet system shines by offering the ability to modulate or occlude arterial blood flow to extremities during procedures, while minimizing tissue damage.