BluAtom VR Gun

VR Emulator Gun Concept design product spec
A Spectacular Product Development Journey

When the management team from Blu Atom approached us with a massive request, we knew we had a unique challenge on our hands. With only two months until the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, they needed a complete product development package for their innovative VR gun controller. From concept to prototype, branding to trade show booth design, we were tasked with bringing the BluAtom VR Gun to life.

Engineering the Future of VR Gaming

Our design and engineering team dove headfirst into creating concepts for the BluAtom VR Gun controller. With over two dozen sensors required for optimal integration with the mainframe system, we meticulously crafted a futuristic design that balanced aesthetics and functionality. After several iterations, we fabricated three prototypes, each featuring embossed logo details.

Crafting a Bold Brand Identity

Since Blu Atom had no existing logo or corporate identity, our Sonos Branding team had the opportunity to create a striking brand image from scratch. Inspired by the iconic Star Wars poster from the 1980s, we developed a logo that captured the essence of the BluAtom VR Gun’s cutting-edge technology. Through multiple iterations, we refined the design until it perfectly represented the client’s vision.

Bringing the BluAtom VR Gun to CES

With the product and branding in place, our focus shifted to showcasing the BluAtom VR Gun at CES. We designed and built a trade show booth that featured an eye-catching 8-foot by 10-foot banner, pull-up banners, business cards, and flyers. Our team even enlisted members of the design team as models for a Hollywood-style photoshoot, which became the centerpiece of our promotional materials.

Despite the tight deadline, we delivered a spectacular product launch for Blu Atom at CES. The BluAtom VR Gun made an impressive world introduction, and our collaboration showcased the power of creativity, teamwork, and dedication to excellence.

Taking the BluAtom VR Gun to Capitol Hill

BluAtomVR was honored to be on Capitol Hill, engaging with legislators and key decision-makers. Carl TenBrink of Sonos Product Development was tasked with demonstrating and highlighting the groundbreaking potential of the BluAtomVR Gun and VR Vest body motion-tracking system in revolutionizing US Forces training. Our system, known for its lightweight design and affordability, promised to significantly lower training costs for the US Forces while elevating the level of realism within Virtual Reality training scenarios.