We can create the Book and Toy Gift Set of your dreams!

Book and Toy gift sets are a wonderful combination that appeals to both the parents and the children. The Elf on a shelf is a great example of this successful combination as well as Bundy’s Book and Brush Gift Set. Wherever you are at in the process, we can work together to build your own unique Book and Toy Gift Set. Our services cover everything you need – from design and illustration, to engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Book and toy gift set example: 1Princess Willow Brush Concept

Once we understand what your dreams and desires are, the first step of the book and toy gift set design process is to create 2D concept drawings of your doll, toy or widget accessory. If you need help with illustrations or formatting your book, we can be of help there too. Sonos will present you with toy or doll product design options for your review and approval.

3d product renderings for book and toy gift set products

We will create one prototype of your book and toy gift set from the approved designs from phase 1. After the toy prototype – model making phase you will be able to read your custom printed book cover to cover. You can hold, hug, test and showoff your dream Book, toy or doll gift-set to family, friends and buyers. If you have the book ready to print, we can publish it. If you need book illustrations we can assist with that as well as designing your toy or doll prototype and your packaging mock-up.

Sonos will take ‘Studio Style’ product photos for you. These are included FREE, at the end of the toy prototype sample phase. These images can be used for your website, sales flyers, concepts or production packaging & all marketing & promotional activities. (Graphics Design quoted separately)

Sonos Product Development can also handle the branding and packaging needs for your new Book and Toy Gift Set

Sonos can design your logo, take your product photography, create your product packaging concepts and design your WEBSITE with an easy to use Credit Card and PayPal merchant processing along with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram & other attractive e-commerce website design features.

Sonos Product Development can provide Drop Shipping and Storage for your book and toy gift set

Sonos Product Development can manage your book and toy gift set manufacturing from completion of the toy prototype model and packaging design. We will create a production turn-over package specifically engineered for our factories to facilitate the production details of your new toy product.

Once the production is complete we can manage the paper jungle to deliver your product through shipping and customs. You choose if it ships directly to you or to our warehouse as a turn-key/hands off solution. The website processes the credit card orders, the money deposits into your bank and we process the orders, pull the inventory from our warehouse and drop-ship directly to your customers. This positions you the entrepreneur in the best positions for hands-off success. Now you can start designing your next invention!

Book Publishing & Toy Projects

Book Publishing & Toy Photo Gallery

How Do I Get Started?

  1. To started, complete the short form below so that we may understand your custom doll sample needs and your new product invention.
  2. Carl and Eric will personally review your idea and provide a consultation and quote. The quote will cover the cost and schedule for developing your custom doll prototype.
  3. To approve the quote for your custom doll, you sign and return to us along with the cost of the first phase and we will start your project Immediately.
book and toy gift set development

Sonos Product Development offers the best in toy product creation and inventive designs and packaging solutions
to bring your product to the forefront of the market.

Sonos Product Development can create a prototype of a toy or doll for you to accompany any book. We can also design the packaging for your book and toy gift set. Our amazing design team can create a unique and beautiful custom packaging that compliments the art from your book that will help to build your brand.

We take complimentary, professional product photos of every project we design for you. They can be used for your website design, sales materials and the packaging design we can create for you.

We offer extensive custom packages from beginning to end. We can turn-key your book and toy gift set from concept, engineering, prototype and production. We can manage the production through factories we have had relationships with for more than 39+ years. Sonos product Development can deliver your book and toy gift set to your door or store it in our warehouse and drop shipped for you.

To compliment your sales efforts, we can create and design a stunning website to present your product to the market. Our websites are designed with an on line ordering, e-commerce solution that can process credit cards and email the orders for shipping notification. You want a blog, we can add a blog. You want your website designed to work on iPads, smart phones and laptops. That is part of our normal design process, done! The website provides you with a hands-off revenue stream that works through the night and over the weekends while you are doing what you do. Customers, search for your product, purchase via the E-commerce and the product is drop shipped within hours or days.

Sonos is very committed to the success of your book and toy gift set. With our turn-key services every aspect of your product development and message is integrated form product concept, engineering, prototype and production. This integration is visible in the website design, the package design and the branding of your book and toy gift set. So if you have ‘Elf on the Shelf’ like dreams or if your dream is to have your book published and produced with a toy or doll as a gift set. We created this for Bundy and many others, and know that we can make this dream a reality for you too.

If you should have any questions you can contact Carl or Eric for personal service and a professional quote to bring theses dreams to fruition.

How much will it cost?

In our 39+ years of experience shows us that 90% of the time it will take a minimum budget of $6750.00 to get through all the phases to a complete a doll prototype.