Branding and Marketing with Sonos Product Development

Our branding and marketing services provide a full spectrum of essentials – from graphic design and development for your corporate identity, to company or product logo design, advertising artwork, product labeling & packaging, on screen user interface and website design with an e-commerce business solution.

We have designed thousands of products, so providing Branding and Marketing services is a natural extension since we will already know so much about your business and your new product. Given that, Sonos Product Development is a great choice for delivering the marketing edge you need to take your product to the highest level of commercial success!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. To started, complete the short form below so that we may understand your new product invention.
  2. Carl and Eric will personally review your idea and provide a consultation and quote. The quote will cover the cost and schedule for developing your prototype.
  3. To approve the quote for your invention, you sign and return to us along with the cost of the first phase and we will start your project Immediately.
Branding and marketing - logo concept design