Custom Action Figures

It Begins With Your Vision

Bring Your Custom Action Figure To Life

To begin crafting your ideal Custom Action Figure, simply provide us with photos or sketches along with a detailed description of your vision. Our team will collaborate with you to iron out all the specifics, including things such as size, colors, and joint articulation.

Once we have a clear understanding of your project’s requirements, we will guide it through our well-established development process that has enabled us to create countless bespoke action figures that have left our customers thoroughly pleased with the results.

Trust In Our 40+ Years of Experience

At Sonos Product Development, we excel in creating customized action figures, which positions us as a premier option for end-to-end services that encompass the entire process from conceptualization and prototyping to manufacturing.

We have a diverse portfolio of custom creations, including many licensed action figures featuring various entertainers, rappers, movie stars and celebrities, including Kevin Hart, Jenni Rivera, and The ROCK, among others. 

Custom action figure prototype

Your imagination is the only limitation!

Here's an overview of the process:

What to Expect

Astronaut custom action figure

While the cost of your project can vary greatly based on your design and requirements, we typically see 90% of custom action figure projects to require a minimum budget of $2800 to reach the point of a fully developed prototype.


The time it takes to produce your custom action figure can be several weeks to several months, depending on fast we work together through the phases of development. More detail on the development timeline will be provided after phase 1 is completed.