Debutante Doll

Debutante Doll: A Custom Creation with a New Orleans Twist
Completed Debutante Doll

Are you an inventor or someone with a desire to create your own custom doll? If so, let us introduce you to Debutante Doll, a sassy and confident doll with a New Orleans theme, designed to be distributed and sold throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Debutante Doll is a soft-bodied doll with a custom design that incorporates elements of New Orleans culture and style. One of the key features of this doll is her nine vocalizations, which play randomly when you squeeze her belly. These vocalizations give Debutante Doll a sassy and fun personality, making her an entertaining companion for children and collectors alike.

Audio Samples

“I see my role model every time I look into a mirror.”

“6 AM, eat breakfast. 7 AM, take over the world.”

“It’s impossible to fit in, when you’re this awesome!”

“It is impolite to tell people that you are better than they are. It is always better if they figure it out on their own.”