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We Design & Engineer your Electronic Prototype and New Product through Production!

We can design and prototype your new electronic invention to prove-out and visualize the concept and manufacture the final product.

We can create custom electronic designs for your product and provide options bases on cost and performance for your review and approval to move on to Phase 2. 

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We will build the first working electronic breadboard to install into your new product or invention.

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We can test the electronics with your new product prototype.

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We can manage obtain quotes for production from multiple sources and manage the manufacturing.

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Electronic Design & Engineered Projects

How Do I Get Started?

  1. To started, complete the short form below so that we may understand your new product invention.
  2. Carl and Dawn will personally review your idea and provide a consultation and quote. The quote will cover the cost and schedule for developing your prototype.
  3. To approve the quote for your invention, you sign and return to us along with the cost of the first phase and we will start your project Immediately.
Sonos Product Development has a wide range of experience in electronic product development. We have produced a huge range of electronic products including: complex consumer products, electronic breadboards, robotic mechanisms and robots. We have manufactured recordable voice, music & talking toys. Light up, flashing custom designs. Custom toy and game designs and anything your imagination desires.
We provide custom specified electronic circuit design, digital electronic and imbedded control design, electronic prototypes, breadboard design and testing for the fastest time to market. Our electronics engineers have demonstrated expertise in various types of electronic layout, software design, programing & circuit design including: wireless products, interface boards, logic boards and inductive charging circuits to name a few. At Sonos Product Development our electrical engineers take your concept from idea to production and ready to market/sell.
With our full range of custom electronic design services Sonos Product Development can design what you need for your new product development needs in a timely schedule while maximizing profit margin.