Elephant Timer & Book Gift Set

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your child about sharing and taking turns? Look no further than the Elephant Timer & Book Gift Set! 

This innovative product is designed to help young children understand the abstract concept of time, while also teaching them valuable lessons about sharing and taking turns.

Elephant Timer & Book Gift Set

To develop this product, the team had to follow a development process that involved both electrical engineering and software programming. The housing design was sculpted and prototyped to test the movement function. The electronics for the elephant were designed, and a first proof-of-concept electronic breadboard model was created to fulfill the timer setting, sound, and mechanical movements and timing for the light-up trunk and the final trumpet and “It’s your turn now!” feature.

To make the product even more engaging, a thick board book prototype was printed and a voice box was added to play the trumpet sound and the song. The result is a fun and interactive gift set that includes “The Take a Turn Story,” an audio book that parents can read to their children to help them understand the importance of sharing toys with others. The accompanying parent guide provides tips and strategies for encouraging children to share and take turns.

The Elephant Timer itself is shaped like a cute and friendly elephant and has 1, 2, and 5 minute settings to help teach children about the passage of time. To activate the timer, all your child needs to do is pull down the elephant’s trunk. They can then sing along to the catchy tune as they wait for their turn.

When the time is up, the elephant’s trunk reaches the top, the tip lights up, and the timer “trumpets” to announce, “It’s your turn now!” This fun and interactive feature helps children understand that time has passed and it’s time for someone else to have a turn.