Everywhere Elf

The Everywhere Elf plush toy project was born from a client’s unique vision and a combination of unconventional materials. The goal was to create a one-of-a-kind plush toy that would appeal to a wide range of customers.

The client provided us with their initial concept, which was brought to life using pool noodles, a mylar balloon, sewn felt, and a healthy dose of imagination. Although we advised against creating a product that resembled existing ones, the client chose to proceed with their vision.

To ensure the Everywhere Elf was both cost-effective and easy to ship, we designed an inexpensive frame system that could be folded into a compact box. This not only saved on manufacturing costs but also reduced shipping and storage expenses.

Everywhere Elf in the office
Enjoying Our Work

As a team of photography enthusiasts, we couldn’t resist capturing the elf prototype in various settings. From hanging off a rain gutter to lounging in a Lionel Train room and even posing on the front lawn, the Everywhere Elf was ready for its moment in the spotlight.

Designing for a Broad Market

Understanding the need to compete with other plush toys on the market, we developed several design options to cater to various age groups and preferences. With the logo design finalized, we moved on to creating packaging options, eventually selecting the winning design that best represented the Everywhere Elf brand.