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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2017-11-07T11:07:19-08:00
Can you make my new product or prototype?2017-08-22T17:40:22-07:00

99% of the time the answer is yes? We have made full size concept cars for General Motors, Mazda and others. We have created design concepts, 3D CAD and prototypes for a wide variety of medical devices for medical testing or surgical procedures. We can make anything you can imagine…within reason. We cannot defy gravity or physics. Let us know your needs and we can tell you how it can be done.

Over all how much will it cost me to get my prototype and all my product?2017-08-22T17:40:49-07:00

That is a loaded question. How much does it cost to buy an airline ticket? The cost varies depending on many variables. The complexity of the product and the details and accessories requested. Do you need a logo design, a package design, an e-commerce website that processes credit cards and deposits the funds directly to your bank? There many different items that need to be done for a product and company. We offer a ‘Menu’ of services for you to choose from as you need them as part of our turn-key, full-service.

What is the process to get a new product or invention produced and marked for sale?2017-08-22T17:41:08-07:00

The first step is for us to understand where you are and what it is you want to produce. Once we know where you are at and where you want to get to, we can plot the course. Phase 1 is Concept Design where we provide options for the look and feel of your product. Phase 2 is the 3D CAD design where we apply the engineering dimensions to your project. Phase 3 is model making or prototype build.

Will my product be available for the holiday season?2017-08-22T17:41:28-07:00

It all depends on when you have started your project. Spring is the latest we recommend starting but some project do go faster. It is best to review your project needs with us and we can advise if it can be complete for the Christmas shopping season.

What is the difference between a mold and tooling?2017-08-22T17:42:03-07:00

Molds and tooling are the same. Some projects require tooling/molds and some do not.

How much does packaging cost?2017-08-22T17:42:28-07:00

Prototype packaging can cost up to $750 for one box. Production packaging can usually be done for less than $3.00 per unit. There are many variables with packaging.

Do I need to file a patent or have an issued patent to proceed with my project?2022-04-27T09:56:56-07:00

No! We recommend waiting until we have completed the design, CAD and tested the prototype so you know that the product works and looks perfectly. At that point, we can provide what you need for a design patent or assist you with the utility patent.

How long does production take?2017-08-22T17:43:14-07:00

Product varies depending on if you need production molds. Molds can take about 60 days and a production ballpark is 45-60 days.

How long does shipment from off shore factories take?2017-08-22T17:43:35-07:00

Fed Ex takes 2-3 days. Ocean shipping takes 3-4 weeks

What happens if my product doesn’t clear customs?2017-08-22T17:43:53-07:00

We have a specialist team to handle all our shipping and since we ship on a regular basis we have less issues with customs. However, sometimes there are delays that are unavoidable. We will inform you IF there is a delay.

If my product in made offshore will it be manufactured in audited and approved factories? (Without child labor?)2017-08-22T17:44:17-07:00

Yes, all of our manufacturing resources are audited and approved by the major retailers for work place safety and child labor.

Can my product be made in the USA or Mexico instead of the Orient?2017-08-22T17:45:22-07:00

There are some products that make sense to produce here in the US or in Mexico. These are usually higher priced items that can afford the higher cost of production and labor.

Does my product need to be safety tested?2017-08-22T17:45:52-07:00

Most retail chains in the US and Europe require a safety certificate on file before they can sell the product. The customer decides whether they need us to set up a safety inspection before the product goes into production. This is a little extra time and expenses and the cost varies depending on what needs to be tested.

Can I add a voice box to my product, doll or plush?2017-08-22T17:46:16-07:00

Yes, you can. The best way to do this is to write a script, word for word as to what the voice will say. We then need to know the gender and approximate age of the voice. We will then provide you with a few options for each expression for you to choose the final sound and message for each expression. We then install it into the prototype for the final look and sound.

How many sayings can I get with the voice box?2017-08-22T17:46:38-07:00

We normally do 5-12, short expressions. Longer expressions can be done with a larger memory chip.

Can I add a book to my product and combine them together?2017-08-22T17:46:57-07:00

Yes, we have done many projects for authors of books that want a toy, doll, action figure or custom product as part of a set to sell along with their book.

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