Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get quick answers to common questions related to product development.

Can we bring your vision to life? In most cases, absolutely! We've crafted full-scale concept cars for industry giants like General Motors and Mazda, and developed design concepts, 3D CAD models, and prototypes for a diverse range of medical devices used in testing and surgical procedures. Our expertise allows us to materialize virtually anything you can envision - within reason. While we can't defy gravity or physics (yet), we're eager to hear your ideas and collaborate on a solution that makes them a reality.

Determining the cost of creating a prototype and completing your product is a complex question, as it depends on numerous factors. Similar to the varying cost of an airline ticket, the price of developing a product is influenced by its intricacies, specific requirements, and additional services needed. For example, you may require logo design, package design, or an e-commerce website with credit card processing and direct bank deposits. There are countless aspects to consider when estimating the cost of product development. To accommodate these varying needs, we offer a comprehensive menu of services for you to select from, tailored to your requirements as part of our turn-key, full-service solution.

Producing a new product or invention and bringing it to market includes everything we can provide, as well as some things you need to address as you prepare for such a project. The items you will work with us on are in bold.

  • Develop your concept: Refine your idea by considering its functionality, target audience, and potential market demand.
  • Conduct patent research: Ensure your idea is unique and not already patented.\
  • Identify your target market: Determine the demographics and preferences of potential customers.
  • Research your idea's market: Analyze the competition and identify potential opportunities and challenges.
  • Create a 2D concept design of the product: Create a visual representation of your product, including its look and feel.
  • Engineering or sculpting: Generate 3D CAD files for every component essential to constructing the prototype.
  • Build and test a prototype: Develop a working model of your invention to demonstrate its design and functionality. This step is crucial before filing a patent.
  • Logo and Packaging: We will create a distinctive logo and eye-catching packaging that will help your product stand out on the shelf and accelerate brand recognition.
  • File a patent: If you choose to patent your intellectual property, we can collaborate with our team of patent professionals to ensure the proper execution of drawings and forms, as well as effectively manage the entire process from start to finish.
  • Create a business plan: Outline how you will manufacture, market, and sell your product. Consider factors such as production costs, pricing, and distribution channels.
  • Manufacture the product: Sonos will expertly handle and oversee every aspect of your product's production and delivery, leveraging our network of reliable manufacturing partners.
  • Market and launch your product: Sonos excels at laying the foundation for your marketing strategy by constructing a compelling website and optimizing your SEO to its fullest potential.

Through this process, you can transform your idea into a marketable product and bring it to market.

The availability of your product for the holiday season depends on the project's initiation date. We generally advise starting no later than spring to ensure timely completion. However, some projects may progress more rapidly. To determine if your product can be ready for the Christmas shopping season, we recommend discussing your project requirements with us, and we can provide tailored advice based on your specific needs.

Molds and tooling are the same. Some projects require tooling/molds, and some do not.

Prototype packaging can cost up to $750 for one box. Production packaging can usually be done for less than $3.00 per unit, although there are many variables that can affect packaging cost.

No! We recommend waiting until we have completed the design, CAD and tested the prototype so you know that the product works and looks perfect. At that point, we can provide what you need for a design patent or assist you with the utility patent.

The duration of production varies depending on whether you require production molds. If molds are needed, they typically take around 60 days to be completed. Once the molds are ready, the production process itself generally falls within a 45-60 day timeframe.

Fed Ex takes 2-3 days. Ocean shipping takes 3-4 weeks

Our specialist team diligently handles all shipping matters, and due to our regular shipping practices, we generally experience fewer issues with customs. However, there may be unavoidable delays on occasion. If such a delay occurs, we will promptly inform you and work to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

Yes, all of our manufacturing resources are audited and approved by the major retailers for work place safety and child labor.

There are some products that make sense to produce here in the US or in Mexico. These are usually higher priced items that can afford the higher cost of production and labor.

In the US and Europe, most retail chains necessitate a safety certificate before selling a product. It's up to the customer to decide if they want a safety inspection arranged prior to production. While this may involve additional time and expenses, the cost varies based on the specific testing requirements.

Yes, you can. The best way to do this is to write a script, word for word as to what the voice will say. We then need to know the gender and approximate age of the voice. We will then provide you with a few options for each expression for you to choose the final sound and message for each expression. We then install it into the prototype for the final look and sound.

We normally do 5-12, short expressions. Longer expressions can be done with a larger memory chip.

Yes, we have done many projects for authors of books that want a toy, doll, action figure or custom product as part of a set to sell along with their book.

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