Finnegan the Dragon

Creating a beloved character from a book into a plush toy animal is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what we did with Finnegan the Dragon

Finnegan the dragon is a book and toy animal plush gift set that introduces children to Finnegan on his journey of self-discovery as he learns that it’s often our differences that make us special. 

We worked closely with the author and illustrator to ensure that every detail from the book illustrations was captured, from Finnegan’s scaly green wings to his big, expressive eyes.

Finnegan the Dragon Plush Toy
Prototyping, and Beyond

Once we had a clear idea of what Finnegan should look like, we began the process of creating the prototype. We experimented with different materials, textures, and colors to bring Finnegan to life. We wanted him to be soft and cuddly, but also durable enough to withstand lots of playtime.

The final result was a beautiful work of art that perfectly captured the spirit of Finnegan. The plush toy animal was made from a variety of colorful plush and textured materials, with big, expressive eyes that seemed to sparkle with life. Finnegan’s scaly green wings were soft to the touch, and his body was just the right size for little hands to hold and cuddle.