Golf Putting Green

Improving Your Short Game - Right In Your Own Home!

An avid golfer came to us with a patent for a portable putting green that could be used at home or the office. His goal was to create a product that was easy to ship and store. While it’s not always necessary to have a patent before developing a new product, this client was set on designing around his existing intellectual property. We made sure to address all of his needs in our initial concepts.

Exceeding Expectations with Innovation

At Sonos Product Development, we don’t stop at just meeting client needs. We aim to maximize the potential of every new product. For this putting green, we added multiple innovations beyond the original patent to take the client’s idea to the next level. We provided three styling options reflecting outdoor and golf course themes. While the client ultimately chose a simpler design, they incorporated the new innovations proposed by our talented industrial design team.

Renderings Bring Concepts to Life

To help the client visualize the putting green concepts, we provided renderings depicting three unique styling directions. This allowed them to see how the product could look and feel in a real-world context. The renderings were instrumental in the decision-making process.

Prioritizing the Client’s Vision

While our team recommended bolder styling and innovations, we recognize that it’s ultimately the client’s product and vision. We were thrilled they chose to include the functional innovations we suggested, achieving both their original goals and our aim to push the boundaries of the design.