Jenni Rivera Doll

The Jenni Rivera Doll is a testament to the power of music and the impact that Jenni had on her fans and loved ones.

Jenni Rivera was a beloved American singer known for her contributions to the Regional Mexican music genre, particularly in Banda, Mariachi, and Norteño styles. The creation of the Jenni Rivera doll was a heartfelt tribute to the late singer by her sister, and was based on an animated music video and images of Jenni, and was designed to capture her essence both on and off stage.

The attention to detail in the design process ensures that the doll is a true representation of Jenni Rivera, and a fitting tribute to her legacy.

Jenni Rivera Doll design & prototype

The process of creating the Jenni Rivera doll was a collaborative effort between the design team and Jenni’s family. The team worked closely with Jenni’s sister to design two different outfits that would capture Jenni’s unique style. The first outfit was a beautiful gown that Jenni wore on stage, while the second outfit was a casual, girl-next-door look featuring overalls and a trucker hat.

The design process began with pencil concepts of both outfits. Once these were approved, the team moved on to adding color options. After the color options were approved, production numbers and specifications were assigned to the preproduction design specs. The team then sculpted the face-likeness of Jenni and created a custom body that was engineered to accommodate a voice box and battery compartment for easy replacement.

Creating the outfits for the Jenni Rivera doll was a meticulous process. The team had to design the sewing patterns, source the materials, and print the custom logo on the trucker hat. A custom wig was also hand-made to emulate Jenni’s golden locks.