Kevin Hart Plush Toy

Kevin Hart plush toy

Creating the talking Kevin Hart plush toy was a fun and exciting challenge for our team. We were approached by Kevin Hart’s advertising agency to create a doll that would promote his upcoming movie, Die Hart, with John Travolta. The agency provided us with specific direction and materials to create a doll that would capture Kevin Hart’s likeness and personality.

The first step in creating the doll was to sculpt the face and head to the agency’s approval. We were given photos of Kevin Hart’s “surprised” face expression and photos of him on the set to ensure that we captured his likeness accurately. We also received designs for his outfit, including specific direction for the cut and style of his haircut.

Once we had the head and face sculpted, we moved on to creating the body and outfit. We sourced materials and created sewing patterns to fabricate the body and outfit. Illustrator AI files were generated to print the emblems on the jacket. We also created a rotational casting mold to mold the heads and painting templates for the spray-painting operations.

The final touch was the voice box inside the doll. We worked with Kevin Hart himself to record 8 voice expressions that would be used in the doll. This was a crucial step in capturing Kevin Hart’s personality and humor in the doll.

Overall, creating the talking Kevin Hart plush toy was a collaborative effort that required attention to detail and a lot of hard work. We were thrilled with the final product and were proud to see it used in the promotion of Die Hart. It was a fun and exciting project that allowed us to showcase our skills and creativity in a unique way.