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Mechanical Engineering involves the application of principles of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Our Mechanical Engineering team has the experience in new product development that you expect,
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Mechanical Engineering Services from Sonos Product Development help you get the job done!

Before the engineering of your new product or invention can be started you need to have a good concept rendering that is both appealing to the eye and designed with an eye on manufacturing. We can create digital concept drawings for you to choose from of your new product idea. We start from your rough sketches and reference images or a written product specification.

Mechanical Engineering / 3D CAD modeling

Once the concept design and product specification is determined for your new invention we can start the engineering. Sonos can then create 3D CAD models using SoildWorks, modeling software of each component required to the level of prototype building that is required for model making in the phase 3.

Building a prototype may sometimes require sophisticated mechanical engineering.

With the 3d CAD complete in Phase 2, Sonos will be positioned to fabricate or create your first engineering model or prototype of your new product invention. This prototype can be used for product feasibility, testing, fund raising, sales and promotion and obtaining manufacturing quotes to put the product into production in Phase 4.

Timely and experienced mechanical engineering leads to swift production of your new product.

To put your production, Sonos will create a production turn-over package to expedite and control production. This package and a prototype will be used to obtain manufacturing quotes from multiple factories. Once an agreeable price has been obtained, Sonos can manage the manufacturing as a turn-key/hands off solution. We manage the production through delivery to your warehouse or ours. We can store and drop-ship your products to your customers from our Huntington Beach, CA. warehouse. This will help jettison the entrepreneur, start-up company or growing concern to success!

The Specifics

Sonos is a full-service product design firm offering 3d CAD design services and electronic design and engineering product development services. We utilize Solidworks 3D CAD solid modeling software and CNC technology to insure that our design engineering services are delivered so your products are developed with optimum accuracy and efficiency.

The latest rapid prototyping and CNC techniques are employed to create models directly from CAD data. This allows new designs to be accurately evaluated prior to making tooling, greatly reducing the possibility of making costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Our manufacturing engineering capabilities include analyses of production cost and tolerance stack-up issues. Tooling and manufacturing costs are carefully evaluated as an integral part of the development process to assure market competitiveness of the finished product.

Sonos can provide complete mechanical engineering, electronics, graphics and assembly documentation required for tooling, parts manufacturing and assembly.

The Process

After a concept is approved by the client for further engineering product development, we 3d CAD design the product with sophisticated parametric Solidworks 3D CAD software. This allows the various detail aspects of every component to be refined and evaluated with the highest degree of accuracy. The entire product can be assembled and checked electronically in cyberspace, regardless of complexity, before any tooling or parts are actually made.

Structural, durability, aesthetic and cost considerations usually guide the design engineering and determine the optimum manufacturing method for each component. Production tooling such as patterns, drill jigs, welding fixtures and bonding fixtures often need to be designed as well.

The 3d CAD design tolerances of all components must be carefully determined to assure that the newly designed parts will always fit properly together while still remaining economical to manufacture.

In the engineering product development phase the component parts, electronics, graphics, assembly, and various tooling drawings are created, detailing all of the necessary tolerance, finishing and assembly information which CAD models alone cannot provide. These drawings are used by mold makers and machine shops to manufacture tooling and parts.

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