Project Description

Sonos has created hundreds of custom dolls in many sizes.

Amanda here is an example of an 11-1/2 inch doll design. We can do any size doll and design you can dream of.

The process we use for designing and developing custom dolls:

  • We gather information from the customer for the style and fashion for the doll
  • Pre-production design concepts are created – first with line or pencil drawings and then color
  • The head and body for your custom toy doll are sculpted
  • We determine the right scale and thickness for the cloth and materials that are sourced for the doll’s fashion
  • The accessories are sculpted or fabricated
  • The doll head is molded and the hair rooted
  • Your custom doll design is then assembled and photographed for packaging and marketing designs
  • Your doll is manufactured with the custom printed packaging
  • Your dolls are warehoused and drop shipped directly to your customers