Project Description

After years of experience golfing around the world, the inventor of Chip Trainer came to southern California to meet with the Sonos team to design, engineer, prototype and manufacture the perfect golf training product.

After meeting the client and coming to an understanding of his needs and desires, Sonos began the process of designing concepts for his golf training aid. We designed the hardware and the graphics for the logo and the product. After these were approved by the client, we moved onto the engineering phase of the process. Sonos uses the best software available, Solidworks, to create new products and inventions and immortalize them into engineering standards so they can be manufactured cost effectively and accurately. Phase 3 is the prototyping phase. Prototypes were made and tested. Then production was produced and delivered to our warehouse. Sonos is now warehousing the product and drop shipping orders to customers! Total turn-key concept to customer!