Project Description

The Sonos Product Development doll design team worked very close with Sydney, a very talented young lady to create her new doll line, Special Dolls. Sydney, 13, has had Asperger’s syndrome since she was 1 years old and type 1 diabetes since she was 10. She desired a doll like her and many other kids with special needs. She could not find the type of dolls she wanted, so she set out to create them. Her goal was to create dolls that represent different girls that are special in their own way and aren’t represented in market today. She’s now creating a whole line of dolls with disabilities.

The Sonos Design team created the concept drawings in pencil for Sydney’s approval. Once the pencils were approved color was added to doll designs to bring them to life. The Sonos sculpting department was given references for the likeness and sculpted the custom doll head to Sydney’s approval. The custom doll arm sculpt was also created for the special doll, Elliana.

Our sewing department created the patterns from the custom doll concept drawings, they sourced and shopped for the perfect materials and created computerized, digital embroidering files to sew the logo on the T-shirt and the back pockets of the jeans. Another custom design was stitched on the collar of the dress shirt. Tiny brown stitching on the blue jeans emulate hem lines, pockets and details of real blue jeans.

The custom doll shoes are printed with the ‘Special Girls’ logo and we engineered a 3D CAD part and created the custom prosthetic with the logo embossed and painted details to match the outfit. You can see her dressed in both her outfits.

Sonos designed the doll packaging concepts and Sydney chose her favorite! Her father set up a photo shoot and provided a beautiful image of Sydney for the back panel of the box to help tell her story.