Project Description

An avid golfer came to us to fulfil his need and desire to create a portable putting green for his newly issued patent. The idea was to have a portable product that could be used at the home or office and be easily shipped and stored!

It is not necessary to have a filed or issued patent to start a product. Actually, in most cases it is a hindrance. This client had his mind set on designing around his patent which limited the creative options for the best solution for the market. (In other cases, the innovation that comes out form our talented team requires the client to file a ‘Continuation in part’ or a new patent to cover the additional intellectual property. This of course was happily done as it increased the value significantly to the product) As we do with all projects, we addressed all his needs in one of the concepts. However, it is not in our nature to just stop there. So, with the three concepts we added multiple additions and innovations to the product to take the clients idea and maximize the potential. In addition, we also provide concept renderings with three styling options that reflect their inspiration for the outdoors and the golf course environment. In the end, the client chose the most boring and simple design (it’s their product and their prerogative) but used all for the new innovation that the Sonos Industrial design team brought to the party!