Project Description

We recently had the pleasure of working with Trenton Doyle Hancock, an artist well known for his prints, videos, drawings, sculptures, paintings that primarily focus on the Mounds and Vegans – two forces that are constantly dueling with one another and serve as a representation of the eternal battle between good and evil.

We were happy to be selected to work with Trenton in prototyping his action figure designs for the “Moundverse Infants”. We worked with Trenton from the original sketches and computer models he provided to develop the prototypes that will be on display at both of his events this year.  We also developed the packaging design for the Moundverse Infants.

Trenton’s work is funded in part by the Andy Warhol foundation (as well as others), and will have a chance to see him in May 2018 as well as later in the fall at his show in Los Angeles.

Moundverse Infants Action Figure Gallery