Project Description

My Mermaid and MeKrissy ventured out to California to visit the Sonos staff and facilities with the hopes that we could fulfill her dream of creating the custom mermaid doll for bathtub water play that would eventually become known as My Mermaid and Me. She showed up to our door with representative from four generations of her family to tour & see our capabilities firsthand.  On the approval of the family, we set out to create her dream doll. We created her Mermaid Doll design concepts, sculpted the toy prototype, painted the sample and the toy doll manufacturing.

We started with inspiration boards to help set the mood and guide the designs. We then drew the pencil drawings and they were quickly approved by Krissy. The color was then applied and we presented two options for her to choose from.

After approval of the custom color concept, we sculpted the tooling master for production. A prototype sample was created with the custom rotational molded head, the hair was rooted into the head and combed, braided and styled. The Body was molded and painted to the selected color scheme. The face paint detail was completed and the final assembled prototype was photographed in our studio. The 18’ mermaid doll was sent to the client and she photographed the prototype with the little ladies playing in the bath tub. The photos were then inserted into the package design we created for My Mermaid and Me.

Now the lengthy production process was ready to begin. Production tooling was made, manufacturing of the 18″ custom doll was completed and packaged in a custom designed box you can see in the gallery below. Sonos Product Development provided the manufacturing, shipment, and details with clearing customs. We also warehouse and drop ship orders for them that are generated from their website (, which we also provided. Website Design is part of the full service which we can provide for you, including an ecommerce capabilities, a blog, and digital marketing programs.

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