Project Description

The Sonos team can design any type of tool or machine you can imagine and in most cases we will improve your concept while making it functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Many of us here at Sonos product development grew up working with tools and inventing new creations from a very young age. It may come to no surprise that on our off time we are at home creating, inventing and fixing something around the house or at a friend’s house. We all have a vast collection of tools that we have accumulated over the years including the tools past down from our father and our grandfathers. It’s in our DNA, it’s what we do! Our passion for everything we do derives from where we come from and all our past experiences. It is a very natural this for us and it is infused in our daily life. When is come to designing tools or machines we bring an extra special insight and passion that is applied to the process of industrial design and engineering. When is come to tool design, form still follows function. Our product designs and especially, tool designs need to work well and look bad ass. (Aesthetically pleasing)