Princess Willow & The Magic Fairy Brush

The Princess Willow & The Magic Fairy Brush is a children’s book and light-up hair brush set that was awarded both the Kids Product of The Year and the Preferred Choice Award in 2016 by Creative Child Magazine. It was selected as a unique and innovative product that combines the power of storytelling with the benefits of a quality hair brush. The set is a great way to encourage young girls to take care of their hair while also providing them with a magical and educational experience.

Princess Willow & The Magic Fairy Brush

The book tells the story of Princess Willow, a young girl who discovers a magical fairy brush that can make her hair glow. The brush comes to life and helps Princess Willow learn about the importance of taking care of her hair. The book is full of colorful illustrations and engaging text that will keep young readers entertained.

The hair brush is made of high-quality materials and features a soft, ergonomic grip. The brush also has a built-in light that can be activated by a button on the handle. The light changes colors as the brush is used, which adds a touch of magic to the hair care experience.

Renderings & Photos from the Development Process

In addition to the book and hair brush, the product also includes a number of other features that were created by our team of designers and engineers. These features include:

  • Concept designs for the magic fairy brush
  • 3D CAD sculpting of the flower brush
  • Prototype samples and options to achieve the electronics that give the magical lighting effects
  • 3D CAD engineering for the production tooling
  • Design and production for the product packaging

We are proud to have played a role in the creation of this amazing product!