Product Development

At Sonos, we embrace the philosophy that product development is a harmonious blend of art and science. By integrating various disciplines, we strive to create a product that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to deliver a user-friendly, durable, visually distinctive, attractive, and cost-effective solution.

Product Development Examples
The Phases of Development Explained

Our process begins with creating 2D concept drawings, either by hand or digitally. We develop 2-3 concept options for your review, serving as a starting point for your production and company. These designs not only define the ergonomics and style of your product but also establish your corporate branding. In the early stages of product development, these concepts are valuable in multiple ways. They determine the product’s details and appearance, aid in premarketing, support fundraising efforts, and set the stage for your product and brand vision.

With the concept design approved, we start the technical engineering phase. We create computer generated, 3D sculpt or 3D CAD drawings of each component necessary to build the first prototype of your dream product. With the completion of the 3D sculpt or 3D CAD complete, we present it to you on our cloud based project management platform for your review and approval to move onto the next phase. 

In this phase, we create a prototype or model using traditional or rapid prototyping methods based on your material requirements. We test the fit, make adjustments, and add necessary paint, logos, or graphics. Sonos provides “Studio Style” product photos of your prototype, which you will review and approve. These professional-quality studio photos are included for free and can be used for packaging design, website design, sales flyers, and other promotional activities. 

Sonos provides a complete turn-key manufacturing solution. Once your prototype is approved, we handle production, logistics, and paperwork. We can even store and drop ship your products, giving you a hands-off income generation. Set yourself up for entrepreneurial success with Sonos!

We Do It All!

If you just need help with one or two aspects of your project, or need a partner to work with through the whole process, we’ve got you covered!