Prototype Design & Development – From Concept to Reality

Sonos Product Development offers a complete range of services to bring your invention to life, including research and development (R&D), model making, prototype design and development, pattern making, mold making, fabrication and product testing services.

Phase I: Concept Development

A product prototype design starts with an idea and then a 2D product concept drawing. This can be produced by hand or digitally with a computer design program. At Sonos Product Development, we usually create 2-3 new product design options for a new product model or inventor’s prototype. These concept product designs define the ergonomics, look and style of your product prototype. The concept designs are a vision into the future for your product and brand.

Phase II: Concept Refinement and 3D Modeling

Once the phase 1 concept design rendering is complete, it is time to apply a little engineering and production expertise so that the prototype design will be accurately fabricated and production of your dream product will be precise and cost effective. In phase 2, we create 3D CAD models, using Solidworks 3D software to the level of building the product prototype. Sonos Product Development documents each part & component that is required to build the world’s first prototype or product model of your invention.

Phase 3 - Prototype Design

Once the 3D CAD is complete and approved, we create a custom works-like prototype, depending on your request. This hands on, real life prototype design of your invention will help to prove that ‘form follows function’. If your invention has mechanical features or electronics, Sonos Product Development can create those for you as well. Please see our Mechanical Engineering or Electronic Design Services pages for more details. When your works-like prototype design is complete, we will take free ‘Professional Studio style’ photographs of the prototype design for you in our in-house photo studio. The photos produced for you can be used for website development, sales & promotional materials, and packaging designs.

* Photographic services are quoted separately from product development services.

Sonos Product Development is your manufacturing liaison

After the prototype design is tested and all the product features are perfected to meet your expectations, your new product is ready to go to production. The Sonos team can manage every aspect of the production including:

  • Acquiring multiple quotes and advising the best option
  • Overseeing the complex details of the turn over package for the factory
  • Ramping up production
  • Navigating the mountain of paperwork for importing/exporting your new product
  • Warehousing the goods and drop-shipping orders directly to your customers

Prototype Design & Model Making Projects

How Do I Get Started?

  1. To get started, complete the short form below so that we may understand your new product invention.
  2. Carl and Eric will personally review your idea and provide a consultation and quote. The quote will cover the cost and schedule for developing your prototype.
  3. To approve the quote for your invention, you sign and return to us along with the cost of the first phase and we will start your project Immediately.
prototype design example

Sonos Product Development offers complete in-house research and development (R&D), model making, prototyping, Engineering, mold making, custom fabrication and product manufacturing services. Our talented staff of model makers, engineers and sculptors have extensive experience in working in a variety of materials including metals, plastics, urethane rubber, wood, structural foams, silicon, epoxies and composites.

The prototype design and model making division of Sonos is fully equipped with machining, lathe turning, casting, RTV molds, reaction injection molding (RIM), vacuum forming, spray painting and composites molding capabilities. We also offer digital scanning and rapid prototyping. After the product design, engineering and prototype phases are complete, Sonos can manage the production of your product line.

Prototype designs are often built to demonstrate a concept to company management, potential investors, focus groups and retailers for feedback and approval. They are often built to prove the design and concept and can range from a simple foam mock-up, to a fully functional painted and polished show piece with software and electronic functions. A visual, looks-like prototype design with electronic circuit board, lights, sound and mechanisms that function.

Operational physical prototype designs are sometimes made using Solidworks, 3D CAD data, SLA and rapid prototyping techniques and temporary tooling where it is necessary or desirable to develop and cost effectively test a product physically prior to actual production. Models are often made using materials and processes that replicate production. Models and Prototypes are sometimes made in a scale other than full-size for demonstration and portability reasons.

Prototype designs and Models are often made to allow study of ergonomic issues that cannot be adequately evaluated on a computer screen. There is no better substitute to holding the real concept, invention or product in your hands for a true evaluation. Our highly finished prototype designs can look just like an actual product. We can photograph them for website development, product packaging or other marketing needs. This product photography can be done long in advance of the actual production parts. This facilitates faster product package design packaging, Website design and marketing. All these tasks can proceed well in advance of production delivery to help expedite the invention or product to production and the market.