Stomp Rocket

Utility Patented for stunt planes - flight Stomp Rockets Inventor Carl TenBrink
Elevating a Classic Toy to New Heights

For over 25 years, Stomp Rocket has been a beloved brand, captivating the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. When the marketing team at Stomp Rocket approached us with a challenge to create a new product that would propel their brand into the future, we were eager to showcase our product development expertise and help them reach new heights.

The Journey to Innovation

Our collaboration with Stomp Rocket began with brainstorming sessions and 2D concept designs. However, it quickly became apparent that we needed to get hands-on to truly understand the potential of this new product. We crafted hundreds of prototypes and took them to a nearby park for rigorous testing. Through countless launches, adjustments, and video recordings, we refined our design to create a patentable product that would revolutionize the Stomp Rocket line.

Introducing Stunt Planes: A Game-Changer in the World of Stomp Rockets

The result of our hard work and dedication is the new “Stunt Planes that do Amazing Tricks.” This innovative addition to the Stomp Rocket family not only offers a fresh and exciting experience for users but also demonstrates the power of creative problem-solving and expert product development. With over 7 million units sold prior to the introduction of Stunt Planes, the future looks bright for Stomp Rocket as they continue to soar to new heights.