A Journey of Custom Design and Artistry

In collaboration with Sonos Product Development, we offer a unique opportunity for you to bring your doll dreams to life. As the chief designer, your vision and ideas are at the forefront of the creation process. This article will take you through the essential phases of custom doll development, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship involved in designing and crafting a one-of-a-kind custom doll.

From the initial design concepts to the final assembly, every step involves a blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The result is a doll that embodies your imagination and serves as a testament to the collaborative journey undertaken to bring it to life.

Featuring "Sumiko"
Sumiko - A School Girl Doll 18 in Prototype Doll
Design Concept Development

At the heart of every doll is a concept that captures its essence and aesthetic. Your ideas and inspirations, conveyed through drawings and images, shape the visual aspects of your custom doll. Here’s what we consider during this phase:

  1. Clothing & Material Patterns: We work closely with you to determine the desired clothing style and select materials that align with your vision.
  2. Hair Style: The doll’s hair is meticulously designed according to your preferences, ensuring it perfectly complements the overall look.
  3. Make-up: The doll’s make-up, including eye color and lip gloss, is carefully chosen to enhance its unique features.
  4. Facial Design: By referencing drawings, photos, or other visual references, we capture the likeness of a person or concept to portray the doll’s face accurately.

Based on these inputs, our team creates pencil drawings that serve as design options for you to choose from. These concepts provide a preview of your doll’s evolving design, showcasing hair styles, eye designs, shoe styles, and outfit designs. Once the initial designs are selected, adjustments can be made to accommodate any desired changes.

Doll Prototype Development

This phase focuses on turning the design concepts into tangible doll prototypes that capture every detail of your vision. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Sculpting the Face: Using the approved pre-production design, our skilled artisans sculpt the doll’s face, ensuring it captures the likeness of the individual or concept. This stage allows for 1 or 2 rounds of tweaks to perfect the face design.
  2. Face Painting: The doll’s face features are carefully hand-painted, employing artistic techniques to create realistic details such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and subtle highlights that bring the doll to life.
  3. Clothing: Our designers meticulously search for the perfect fabric and colors to match your design as closely as possible. In some cases, we even custom-print fabric to achieve exotic designs. Patterns are tailored to fit the doll’s proportions, requiring multiple attempts to achieve the desired fit.
  4. Wig or Hair Sewing: Crafting the doll’s hair is a specialized skill that demands years of experience and the use of specialty tools. A separate mold, derived from the doll’s head, is used to create a wig cap, which is then skillfully sewn with hair according to precise specifications. The resulting wig is styled and set to perfection.
Final Assembly

With the completion of the face painting, outfit sewing, and hair styling, the moment arrives to assemble the complete doll prototype. Each element is carefully integrated to bring your custom-designed doll to life. The attention to detail throughout the process ensures that your doll is a true reflection of your vision and becomes a cherished work of art.