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Manufacturing Services

At Sonos Product Development we design and engineer your product to match the most cost effective manufacturing process in accordance with your product goals and market segment.

We study the market your product will compete in and evaluate the manufacturing options based on your volume goals. We research the materials that will best represent your product in the market place to give you the best competitive edge and design & engineer the most economical production solutions to best position your product with the most beautiful design and simplest execution. Sonos operates under the KISS principle, keep it simple…


The manufacturing and production of your product can be produced here in the United States if there are available options or offshore with one of global partners. A partial process list of include: Electronic hardware, software development, Injection molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), vacuum forming, metal stamping, metal forming, welding, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, painting, pad printing, book, packaging & brochure printing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, printing, decorating.

If your needs require low volume, short lead time manufacturing or full production, the experienced staff at Sonos Product Development can manage the entire process. Sonos will coordinated with our factories and oversee manufacture your product idea or invention. We have produced numerous types of devices and products for a multitude of industries and we can produce yours.
Warehousing and Shipping: We can also provide warehousing and turnkey shipping of your product from our facilities located in Southern California.

Full Turnkey Manufacturing, Storage & Shipping Solutions

Shipping & Receiving

We can oversee the  Shipping and Receiving of your product from our factories or to you clients!


We can manage the manufacturing through delivery to our warehouse for drop shipment or directly to you!

Packaging Design & Production

We can also Design your custom packaging, print it, package your products and manage the shipping!

Carl TenBrink, Founder & President

Carl studied for one year at Escola Massana art school and at the University of Barcelona. Carl graduated from Manchester College and since 1983; Carl has been the Founder and President of Sonos Models, Inc. 

For over the past 34 years, He has been creating and developed a wide variety of products and new product developments for companies large and small. Mattel Toys, Xerox Medical and BioCybernetics to name a very few. He has developed a diverse array of products from Happy meal toys (85-120 million produced each month) to Medical devices. Carl has designed, invented and patented a host of products with many patents to his name.

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