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Our Web Design Philosophy

Sonos Product Development keeps things very simple so your clients have an easy time finding your product, understanding your product and knowing why they need or want your product.

As marketing managers in today’s marketplace we have plenty of hats to wear in terms of tools and technologies that we need to truly know to build and promote a website. Building and optimizing the website for success is only the first step. Advertising and social media these days play a huge role, especially since Google changed their algorithms months ago.

Many questions come up: Do I know enough about SEO to do a great job for my site? What are the best key words to drive traffic to my site? Do we need a shopping cart for our e-commerce web site? (YES!) What are the things I don’t know about Google and other search engines that can hurt my results? (What is it that I don’t know, I don’t know?)

Fill out our on line website information form now to get your website started!

These are a few website considerations you need to focus on:

  • Great Product Photos and a Clear Logo
    You want to look professional so that people have confidence in purchasing your quality/professional product. Low quality photos or logo will NOT represent you as professional. The Sonos Product Development Team can help you with quality logo design and product pictures if you require. Sonos will provide high resolution photos of your product free of charge after the prototype is complete.

  • Impactful Design and Powerful Copy
    Keeping site visitors engaged is essential to capturing your target market and converting sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    We do know a thing about Keywords, SEO and driving traffic to your site. After all, you found us!

  • Your Ecommerce Marketplace
    When Sonos builds your site we you up for success from the beginning. Your shopping cart will accommodate PayPal, Credit cards and Apple pay so anyone will have the ability to buy your product day or night at their convenience. Studies have found that having options for payment at checkout (PayPal accepts all major credit cards) gives you the flexibility you need and will increase your online sale and bottom-line profit. Studies have shown your conversion rates are much higher! Your site will be secure, a must in the current environment!

Here are some benefits you’ll get with Sonos Web Design:

  • Speedy Development TimeThe faster our development time, the faster you can start selling!
  • Professional looking website with shopping cart option!
  • FlexibilityWe can add a photo gallery and easy fill forms, you choose the options!

Please find examples of our website design below:

A Bunny In A Basket

Showcase Express

Website Design and Construction with Ecommerce Solutions

After filling out the design form Carl or Eric will contact you for any additional photos or details required for your website build and we can then get started. Our website design professionals will design your website and guide you throughout the entire process. We will set up the hosting start building your websites future on the internet. Sonos Product Development can create your site today, simply and affordable!

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