Wine ReServe

Wine ReServe
Wine ReServe: A Testament to Sonos Product Development Expertise

At Sonos Product Development, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform ideas into successful products. Our work on the Wine ReServe project is a prime example of our expertise in action. This page is dedicated to showcasing the journey we took with our client to create a product that not only met their needs but exceeded their expectations.

The Challenge

Our client, a former marketing executive for a major national department store chain, approached us with a vision for a new product and brand: Wine ReServe. The goal was to create a wine preservation system that catered to the needs of wine sommeliers and fine dining establishments. However, the initial product design was far from perfect. It was too tall, overly complicated, and received poor feedback from consumer testing.

Sonos Product Development to the Rescue

We took on the challenge of revamping the Wine ReServe, evaluating the issues and brainstorming solutions. Our team’s innovative approach led to a complete redesign of the product, automating five of the six steps and trimming four inches off its height. The result was a sleek, user-friendly wine preservation system that not only looked great but also functioned seamlessly.

Success Story

The redesigned Wine ReServe was a hit, selling in Sur La Table stores in Fashion Island and across the country. Our client’s vision became a reality, thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Sonos Product Development team.

At Sonos Product Development, we’re committed to helping our clients bring their ideas to life. The Wine ReServe project is just one example of our ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results. Let us help you turn your vision into a successful product.